Gallivanting Shadow Sen. Paul Strauss tries to get the District recognized with an organization for oppressed ethnic groups—but not everyone is thrilled. [Post]

Mary Cheh grills FreshPAC donor at hearing. [LL]

LaRuby May makes the WCP People Issue. [WCP]

Council backs domestic partnerships bill. [Blade]

Muriel Bowser preps for “Scissors and Shovels Day.” [DCist]

Bowser not thrilled with idea for regional economic authority. [WBJ]

Vincent Orange‘s tiny house bill wouldn’t be so crazy—if it looked nothing like it does now. [GGW]

Mayor wants more anti-crime action in Park View. [Post]

Bowser talks homelessness on the Huffington Post. [HuffPo]

Office of Open Government will keep school meetings open to the public. [Post]

Council mulls the condo bill of rights. [Post]

Photo by Darrow Montgomery