Racine Against Time: Nearly three years’ worth of cases have to be reviewed.

A day after Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh questioned one of FreshPAC’s donors, Attorney General Karl Racine is getting his own hits in on the Muriel Bowser-tied political action committee.

In an interview on WAMU’s The Politics Hour, Racine said he’s been “deluged” by Washingtonians complaining about FreshPAC.

“What they’re concerned about is the return of flagrant pay-to-play politics in the District of Columbia,” Racine said.

In response, Racine says he’s drafting new campaign finance legislation to fix laws that he said “create an appearance of impropriety.” FreshPAC, which has raised more than $300,000 and purportedly aims to have more than $1 million by the end of the year, can take unlimited individual contributions this year because it’s not supporting any candidates up for election in 2015.

Racine has political concerns of his own here. Two of his Office of the Attorney General staffers will likely be up against Bowser allies in next year’s D.C. Council races.

In 2018, Racine could face FreshPAC money if he challenges Bowser in the mayor’s race. Asked about his own mayoral ambition on WAMU today, Racine sidestepped the question.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery