Whether you believe Mayor Muriel Bowser and her allies that FreshPAC was just a way to support her agenda, or whether you agree with her critics that it represented an attempt to stock the D.C. Council with friendly faces, the fund drew a strong list of donors who do business in D.C. Forty-four percent of the $338,000 raised came from outside the District, and a similar amount came from corporations, LLCs, and PACs tied to companies (43 percent). Two big checks for $10,000 each came from outside the D.C. area (California and Georgia). Here’s a look at who was helping Bowser’s allies fund a political war chest.

Each square represents $1,000. (Lightly shaded squares represent smaller amounts.) Hover over a square for details on who donated. Use the buttons to sort by state, donor type, and donations size.

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$10,000+ donations
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