Former U.S. Attorney Ron Machen isn’t the only Vince Gray foe getting the business today from the resurgent ex-mayor. On WAMU this afternoon, Gray blasted FreshPACMuriel Bowser‘s now-deceased political action committee.

“I thought it was quite hypocritical,” Gray said of Bowser’s affiliation with the PAC, which shut down last month.

Thanks to a loophole that lets PACs raise unlimited contributions in years without elections, FreshPAC was set to unleash hundreds of thousands of dollars on Bowser’s behalf in District races—-at least until organizers shut it down for being a “distraction.”

On WAMU, Gray said he was surprised that Bowser, as the mayor and backer of the D.C. Council’s campaign finance reform bill, didn’t want to be a “role model” on ethics.

“FreshPAC is hardly a role model for anything, in my opinion,” Gray said.

Asked how he couldn’t have noticed his friends organizing both the illicit shadow campaign and illegal funding for Sulaimon Brown‘s mayoral run, Gray claimed he was too busy being Council chairman.

“I didn’t suspect anything,” Gray said. “I didn’t notice anything at all.”

Gray also let his potential incumbent opponents in the Council at-large or Ward 7 races twist a little bit more. Gray claims that he hasn’t decided whether to run yet, but he really likes his chances. The ex-mayor even included a little jab at potential foe and At-Large Councilmember Vincent Orange, noting that he received far more votes than Orange in the 2014 mayoral race.

“I think I would stand a great chance in either one of those elections,” Gray said. “And which one of those would be the better one, I’ll just have to figure out in the weeks ahead.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery