Mayor Bowser
Mayor Bowser

Here’s a head-scratcher for you: After helping ideologically simpatico political action committee FreshPAC last year, Muriel Bowser now says she supports closing the campaign finance loophole that FreshPAC used to raise huge amounts of money.

In an appearance today on WAMU’s Kojo Nnamdi Show, a caller asked Bowser whether she would support changing the campaign finance rules that allows PAC’s like FreshPAC to raise unlimited amounts of money in years in which they don’t support candidates. A majority of councilmembers have backed legislation that would close the loophole.

“Yes, I would support that,” Bowser said. 

Whoa! So now Bowser is backing off the whole purpose of FreshPAC, which she once defended—until, after a whirlwind of ugly press and Council opposition, it was shut down.

Even more curiously, Bowser initially claimed to have no idea what “loophole” the caller meant, even though it was the talk of the Wilson Building (and some tough Washington Post editorials about the mayor) for months.

“I don’t know what loophole you’re referring to,” Bowser said.

Mayoral amnesia strikes again.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery