Vince Gray tosses the rock in 2012
Vince Gray tosses the rock in 2012

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Ex-mayor Vince Gray is still considering a run for the D.C. Council, but here’s one thing he’s made up his mind about: Robert Griffin III.

RGIII finally parted company with the Washington football team on Monday, leaving behind countless sports talk radio calls and a questionably sourced note on his locker. Gray isn’t happy about how the once-successful quarterback’s run in Washington ended.

“I really hope, frankly, that RGIII gets a chance to be able to play somewhere else,” Gray told members of the Queens Chapel Civic Association last night. “I don’t feel good about the way he was treated here. He may have had his issues and whatnot, but I never felt that they made the investment in the last year, year and-a-half to help.”

Putting on his scouting hat, Gray predicted a future with RGIII and the Houston Texans.

“You need some kind of offense, and he may be able to help them turn it around,” Gray said.

A man’s once-promising career destroyed by powers outside his control? What would Vince Gray know about that

Photo courtesy Alan Suderman