New at-large race entrant Robert White is already talking trash about his primary opponent, incumbent Vincent Orange. In an appearance on WAMU’s The Politics Hour this afternoon, White made to give Orange the boot out of city hall.

“I think the time has come and gone,” White said of Orange’s D.C. Council tenure.

White wasn’t finished, saying later that Orange is “dropping the ball where people need it.”

As a former employee in Karl Racine‘s Office of the Attorney General who has hired Racine’s same campaign consultants, White could continue his former boss’ feud with Muriel Bowser. But on WAMU, White avoided criticizing the mayor. Instead, he bashed Orange’s attempt to align himself with Bowser’s Green Team.

“I think I’ve seen the incumbent turn himself green,” White said.

Like at-large rival David Garber, White is launching his campaign with lots of jabs at Orange. In an interview earlier this month, LL asked White whether the councilmembers who backed him in 2014 would do the same in the primary, now that he’s running against a sitting councilmember. White wasn’t worried.

“I don’t think the incumbent has a lot of support on the Council,” White said.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery