Former Ward 1 Councilmember Jim Graham traded the dais for the stripper pole last year, when he started working as a promoter for male strip club shows at Georgia Avenue NW’s The House. Now Graham has his own solution for the District’s efforts to dig out from last weekend’s blizzard: lots of hot naked guys.

In a listserv email sent last night, Graham says he’s once again going to “engage” with District issues. Apparently, that engagement includes his strip club endeavor—-which he concedes “is obviously not for everyone.”

To help beleagured Washingtonians, the ex-councilmember says he’s lifting the cover charge at tonight’s Graham-organized “Rock Hard” strip performance.

“Cabin fever is running very high,” Graham writes.

Residents who take Graham up on his offer can expect a good show. Last year, he told LL his strip show would be both “edgy and erotic” and have “real merit to it, in terms of dance.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery