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According to federal prosecutors, Department of Public Works employee Vernita Greenfield had an innovative way of supplementing her more-than-$50,000 annual government salary.

In exchange for picking a preferred towing company to handle the agency’s towing needs, according to an indictment, Greenfield allegedly pocketed more than $40,000 in bribes between 2009 and 2013. Because of the bribes, according to a sealed indictment filed against Greenfield on Nov. 20, she allegedly skipped other eligible towing contractors for her favored companies.

Interestingly, though, Greenfield’s indictment didn’t stop her from being a District government employee—at least for a while. Greenfield was arrested on Nov. 24, and the indictment against her was unsealed the same day. But Greenfield remained a District government employee until Jan. 8, according to DPW spokeswoman Linda Grant.  

It’s not clear why Greenfield remained on the staff for so long or whether she was on leave, since Grant declined to discuss a personnel matter with LL. In an email, Grant says the department followed District government personnel policy.

More curiously, Greenfield apparently still had access to her government email account weeks after she stopped actually working for the city. When LL emailed Greenfield’s DPW email account about the bribery charge on Jan. 19, she—or someone pretending to be her—replied to the email.

Greenfield’s next court hearing is scheduled for Friday. Her attorney didn’t respond to a request for comment.

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Photo by Darrow Montgomery