Mayor Bowser
Mayor Bowser

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Get this: Muriel Bowser plans to say the “State of the District” is strong. Ahead of her annual State of the District Address this afternoon, Bowser spoke to a restaurant association meeting with what sounds a lot like talking points from the upcoming speech.

At today’s Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington membership meeting—closed to press but recorded by a tipster—Bowser gave a speech that filled with SODA-style talking points.

Along with the preview of a “strong” ruling on the “State of the District,” Bowser talked about a forecasted 1 million District residents in 30 years:

We need to make sure that every part of our infrastructure and our plans accommodates those 300,000 new people while making sure that the life of the 700,000 of us here right now will still be a good—that we can still experience a great quality of life.

And change and grandfathers:

Frequently, I tell people, ‘This is not the Washington D.C. that your grandfather will remember. And very fast, it’s not the Washington D.C. that your father would remember.’ It’s not your grandfather’s Washington.

Bowser also talked about her recent trip to New York City, where she said she plumped the District for travel city writers, and her mayoral legacy.

Is she going to be the business mayor, the development mayor, or “the people’s mayor?” Try all three, says Bowser.

“You try to figure me out?” Bowser said. “That’s the kind of mayor I’m going to be.”

The gathering was held at Fig & Olive. No word on the menu for the gathering, but we hope they didn’t serve the black truffle croquettes.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery