Credit: Darrow Montgomery

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The District’s quasi-legalization of marijuana has already earned probation terms for one pair of enthusiastic pushers. Now, it could leave District potheads drinking a whole lot of juice.

Marijuana delivery services aren’t new to the District, but they’ve never operated as openly as HighSpeed, which claims to already have 300 customers in the District. Ordering pot through the company isn’t illegal, they say, because customers are technically just buying juice.

On HighSpeed’s website, would-be smokers pick a flavor of juice to be delivered, along with a set of codewords for pot. There’s “just juice,” which, despite its name, comes with a randomly selected amount of marijuana that runs around a gram. “Love” will earn customers an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, while “lots of love” comes with an amount described as “slightly larger than an eighth.”

HighSpeed takes advantage of District laws that legalize the free exchange of an ounce or less of marijuana, but keep marijuana sales criminal. The company has vetted its plan with lawyers, according to HighSpeed spokeswoman Rachel Bor.

Despite HighSpeed’s dance around the city’s laws, though, there’s no question that ordering more marijuana means a higher bill. “Just juice” costs $11, while juice with “love” for an eighth of an ounce of pot costs $55—a $44 increase. “Lots of love” costs nearly three times as much as the “love” option, at $150. A company rep promises that the juice itself is “really, really good.”

The legality of HighSpeed’s business model will likely be decided by prosecutors and the Metropolitan Police Department. Notably, the company seems much more focused on the marijuana side than on the juice side.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery