Democrats for Education Reform-backed candidate Brandon Todd
Democrats for Education Reform-backed candidate Brandon Todd

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Brandon Todd managed to win last year’s Ward 4 special election with less than 50 percent of the vote, thanks in part to 12 other candidates splitting up the rest of the ballots. But Todd might have a tougher time this year, now that seven candidates who ran against him last year have endorsed another candidate.

Todd’s most significant challenger this year looks to be Leon Andrews, who’s personally loaned his campaign a hefty $140,000. In a press release today, seven candidates from the special election—-including Doug SloanRenee Bowser, and Dwayne Toliver—-threw in with Andrews. In last year’s special election, Bowser, Toliver, and Andrews combined earned nearly 50 percent of ballots. 

Todd spokesman Everett Hamilton says he isn’t concerned about the group, which bills themselves as the “#UnitedWard4 coalition.” For one thing, Todd still outpaces Andrews in cash on hand ahead of June’s primary.

“We’re not upset,” Hamilton says. “We just know we have to run a campaign.”

Photo by Darrow Montgomery