Ward 7 voters might finally be getting some of the anti-Vince Gray messaging that incumbent Yvette Alexander tested last month. Jumping off the release of nearly 1,000 pages of documents related to the Gray investigation, Alexander slammed Gray this week with back-to-back emails that Gray’s campaign says have turned her into a “suicide bomber.”

One email, entitled “Taking Responsibility,” quotes a 2013 column from the Washington Post‘s Colby King where King writes that Gray should be disqualified from “future service.” The email’s solution to keeping “honesty and integrity” on the D.C. Council? Donating to Alexander’s campaign, or requesting a yard sign. Alexander’s second email, entitled “Uncle Earl’s Money,” plays off new revelations that the president of the Washington Teacher’s Union allegedly received $10,000 from Gray shadow campaign financier Jeff Thompson.

The implication, Alexander writes, is that Gray used Thompson’s money to buy the union’s endorsement. (LL notes that, with Gray facing charter school-crazed Adrian Fenty in 2010, he probably had the endorsement locked up anyway).

“Today I have my Washington Teachers Union endorsement interview and I will seek the WTU’s endorsement – only I will not be using a rumpled paper bag full of secret cash,” Alexander’s email reads.

Alexander didn’t respond to LL’s request for comment on the emails. But Gray campaign spokesman Chuck Thies had a whole lot to say.

Pointing to a Gray campaign-funded poll that suggests Alexander is far behind Gray and losing support, Thies says the attacks on Gray only hurt Alexander. Thies calls Alexander a “suicide bomber,” dooming her own chances in a bid to tarnish Gray on behalf of Muriel Bowser‘s Green Team.

“She’s not going to take him out,” Thies says. “She’s one of those inept suicide bombers.”

Criticizing Gray over the federal investigation could be awkward for Alexander, who endorsed Gray’s 2014 mayoral run when the investigation had already been public knowledge for years. Thies claims that the attacks from Alexander will only help the ex-mayor.

“It’s like Yvette’s back on Team Gray, and she doesn’t even realize it,” Thies says.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery