Credit: Darrow Montgomery/file

Ballot order shouldn’t be that important in June’s D.C. Council primaries. There isn’t a race with more than a dozen candidates, and the kind of voters swayed by a candidate’s ballot placement probably aren’t coming out for an off-year primary.

Still, here are the ballots orders chosen today by the D.C. Board of Elections:

Ward 4

  1. Ron Austin
  2. Calvin Gurley
  3. Brandon Todd
  4. Leon Andrews

Ward 7

  1. Yvette Alexander
  2. Grant Thompson
  3. Delmar Chesley
  4. Vince Gray

Ward 8 

  1. Maurice T. Dickens
  2. Trayon White
  3. Aaron Holmes
  4. Bonita Goode
  5. LaRuby May


  1. David Garber
  2. Vincent Orange
  3. Robert White