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Well this is a totally shocking turn of events: magazine publishes long story about powerful and unusually secretive family owned corporation with focus on gargantuan sums of money said family has spent over the course of several decades bankrolling think tanks, nonprofit organizations, media outlets and “journalism” fellowships in service of making money and distorting public perception of reality, and media responds by launching baseless attacks on article’s credibility voiced through the litany of company mouthpieces family has spent several decades bribing! Remember this plot line, aspiring novelists, because it is totally not at all a cliché.

In any case, what would we do without Media Matters, which this week reported that an apologetic Daily Beast piece penned in response to the New Yorker piece on the dastardly libertarian conspiracy financed by the Koch family by someone who was so obviously a Koch shill that David Koch not only actually talked to her but had her number already, turns out to be written by an obvious Koch shill, and that the website has appended an editor’s note disclosing her past as a consultant to a now-defunct Koch front organization called “McCain-Palin 2008.”

Writes MM:

The good news is that Daily Beast finally conceded there were problems with its Koch article, including the fact that the site failed to disclose that author Lafferty once worked as a consultant for the McCain/Palin campaign, and editors there attached a note to the end of the piece.

The bad news though, was that the article was up all weekend without any reference to the obvious flaws.

Actually, the bad news is that these centibillionaires have brainwashed tens of millions of Americans into believing Mexicans, public school teachers and the charred remains of New Deal legislation are their actual oppressors, but whatevs. More annoyingly, though, how many non-Koch funded places—admittedly, many of them have been Twitter feeds—I’ve seen some variation on this graf:

And to simply characterize Koch as a Democratic detractor, and a Republican right-winger, would be, well, simplistic. While they have been politically active for more than 30 years, largely funding Republicans, they have never been identified with conservatives on hot-button issues such as gay marriage or abortion.

Uh, yeah… because they are motivated PURELY BY PROFIT. Even though they already have already reaped GOD KNOWS HOW MANY BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of it. If, that is, there is actually a God, and apparently the Kochs don’t think so, or they’d have outlawed sodomy and birth control already, and anyway I wouldn’t bet against the Koch family on much, but I sort of miss the days when the nation’s oligarchs were still selfless enough to waste their money trying to set up abortion-free towns and that sort of bullshit.