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I used to think there was only one defensible thing about Twitter, which was its hospitality to puns like Tweet Shit And Die, which was the original name for this new feature. But then I started following the DC Power Tweetdeckathaloner types over the weekend, and by the power of this simple and ubiquitous technology I began to see all the self-promoting media pundits and “cholera of the keyboard” types in a new, human-ish sort of light. Below, my highly un-scientific, non-meritocratic, qualitative-not-quantitative sampling of some of the coolest stuff that happened on Twitter yesterday before the Redskins game to DC’s boldfaced names, not including their widespread participation in International Talk Like A Pirate Day (which to be honest, got a little bit tired after a few hours.) Howie Kurtz, Naomi Klein, David Gregory, Katrina van den Heuvel, Ari Melber, and others including Rachel Sklar and a couple former residents of that Famous Blogger Compound after the jump!

Nation editor-in-chief and part owner Katrina van den Heuvel interrupted a frenzied “hubby”-commissioned search for an effective environmentally-friendly dishwashing detergent to commend the New York Times for its page 1 story on said, later clarifying that she was embarking upon the task in exchange for his agreement to assume actual dishwashing duties; prescribed “lots of Core Fusion, SoulCycle and Power Caponyasa & Stoly 2 to stay sane/strong in times like these”; proactively recommended that Newsweek poach a token black, token chick or token legitimate leftist to replace the indespensable Howard Fineman and advised followers to read that big New Yorker Koch story they had no doubt all cleared from the collective cache in the wake of the seismic emergence of Christine O’Donnell, who was the recipient of an outpouring of support from progressives with Wiccan/Ren Faire sympathies like author/Canadian Naomi Klein, who in a widely-RT-ed missive wondered plaintively whether liberals couldn’t “leave the witch hunts to the right.”

Elsewhere in Nation nation correspondent Ari Melber broke the news that the Facebook page for Jon Stewart‘s Rally To Restore Sanity had surpassed 10,000 fans and wondered (in a tweet that has since disappeared) whether the famous aphorism “Work hard / play hard” should be amended to accommodate sleep. In other RTRS news, self-identified “media addict on the loose” Rachel Sklar re-tweeted C-Span’s tweet announcing its intention to seek “the OK” to broadcast live from the RTRS with the comment “Ratings!!”, a sentiment she was quickly forced to clarify as facetious (“Love the ‘Span!” she added) when C-Span director of communications Howard Mortman, in thanking her for her re-tweet, tweeted that C-Span, as a “Public service,” was not subject to pressure to generate higher ratings.

Talking Points Memo veteran reporter Brian Beutler re-tweeted blogger Atrios‘ admission that he hadn’t read Maureen Dowd‘s column yet. Digital Media Consultant Peter Daou wondered why Maureen Dowd still had a column.

Brunch and watching Meet The Press were the two most popular activities the power twittoheads professed to be suspending momentarily to update their feeds, with user washexaminer, CNN White House correspondent Suzanne Malveaux, ThinkProgress blogger Matt Yglesias and Politico reporter Amie Parnes (in a tweet RT-ed by Washington Post editorial writer Jonathan Capehart) all fitting in some mention of brunch or brunch-timed restaurant fare. Perhaps somewhat predictably, Meet The Press producer Betsy Fischer was the most comprehensive tweet-recorder of Meet The Press, clocking in with 31 tweets on the morning’s hour-long broadcast, including at least two individual tweets (one, to be fair, was a RT from the official Meet The Press twitter feed) about the physical fitness regimen responsible for former President Bill Clinton’s recent 24 pound weight loss and two more on Colin Powell’s comments on Newt Gingrich (“[he] does these things from time to time…to make news & also stir up dust”) and Obama (whom he counseled to “focus on governing. Not worrying about the daily campaign prob or reacting to everything [on] cable news”)* but it took washexaminer to pick up former president Clinton’s noteworthy comments on Chelsea’s wedding (“Clinton says long-distance planning of daughter’s wedding was stressful, but wonderful…”) and Meet the Press moderator David Gregory to tweet the bombshell: “Powell and Clinton see tea party as a force, but skeptical of long-term impact.”

Misc. tweets I found partic. provocative/profound/poignant/perplexing/pithy/etc.:

“Will the Tea Party candidates actually care about deficits, or is it just more double-talk?” —Washington Post franchise wonk blogger Ezra Klein

“Did it occur to media they are partially causing the bad econ by constantly psyching it up as BAD” —Barkway, helpfully re-tweeted by Howard Kurtz

When I read about kids shot to death, I can’t fathom a human exists who can point a gun at a child and pull the trigger”  —Digital Media Consultant Peter Daou

“Rock it, girl” —Rachel Sklar in response to Mashable Events Director Karen Hartline’s request for “approval for a dress instead of shorts? 😉 loving the NY weather.”