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The D.C. media is maybe not entirely dominated by amnesiac shills for Larry Summers. The Washington Times has a totally fair, even-handed story on Summers’ departure in today’s paper:

Liberal activists, who accused the veteran economic adviser of being too close to Wall Street, applauded news that he was leaving.

“This is a big victory for anyone who voted for change in 2008, only to see Summers work from the inside to water down Wall Street reform, block President Obama’s promise to protect ‘Net neutrality,’ and urge other pro-corporate positions,” said Stephanie Taylor, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

“While we feel bad for Harvard students and faculty who have to deal with Summers again, Harvard’s loss is America’s gain. When President Obama fills this important economic position, Americans need him to appoint a champion for regular working folks, not Wall Street tycoons,” she said.