Well isn’t this charming: Arianna Huffington had a party at Tammy Haddad‘s with Geena Davis in honor of her new book about the country’s degeneration into a Central Asia-style plutanarchic failed state and all anyone can talk about is which wonky young media corpse on the make should move in on Howard Kurtz‘s warm coffin:

One of the most popular topics of conversation was Howie Kurtz‘s recent announcement that he will leave the Washington Post for a new gig at the Daily Beast.  Several guests agreed that Yahoo’s Michael Calderone seemed like the only viable option to replace WaPo’s longtime media beat writer.

Really guys? I mean, Calderone has been at Yahoo for at least three months now; don’t you think there’s gotta be a reason he hasn’t defected for the proverbial “greener” “pastures” at least twice since then? What about Christina Bellantoni or John Koblin or Eliot Spitzer or, you know,someone whose brand is a little more in demand-demand, like “now-now.” Collecting a paycheck from the same place for too long is almost as much of a “red flag” as collecting unemployment insurance these days, you know this!

Or have you forgotten everything Michelle Rhee taught you already?