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Well I have scoured the internet for an hour, folks, and I still haven’t unearthed a shred of interesting information about Charles Smith, John Romano or John Perrone, the trippy trinity arrested at Georgetown Saturday for attempting to make the psychedelic drug DMT (which seems to be nicknamed “spice” on the message boards) from a freshman dormroom. Not a mugshot, Facebook photo, major or quote from an anonymous hallmate attesting as to “you know, I thought it was weird that with all the vodka and smack and grain alcohol in this dorm that two dudes would be constantly talking about ordering mimosas…”

Which is a shame, because making DMT seems like a huge pain in the ass, and these enterprising young freshman deserve recognition for having the curiosity and resourcefulness to try. Unless the message boards are making it out to be a bigger deal than it is I am pretty sure getting an A in organic chemistry would be a lot easier than figuring out how to procure all the random roots, solvents, acids, bases and whatever else you need to make this shit much less properly “extract” a proper near death experience combining them somehow. The last DMT bust—and they are very rare!—appears to have occurred at a Canadian military base where obscure controlled chemicals are probably a lot easier to get than the Georgetown campus.

Now, according to this thread the would-be Hoyallucinators were not even probably doing it correctly, having chosen to “evap” their solvents as opposed to “freeze precip” them, whatever that means, suggesting that it is possible that our intrepid trip-takers never even managed to get high. Which would be a shame, because at some point someone slightly less insane than this guy has to take try DMT and tell the non Burning Man attending segment of the population what it is like, and it would have been a pretty awesome Halloween if all that had gone down at Georgetown of all places.