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Sorry it’s been such a long posting hiatus, readers, I’ve been busy blowing deadlines, but of all the things over the past week that I despised intensely without telling you about it, this NYT Sunday Styles classic gets my personal Monica Hesse award for editorial valor.

Meet this couple, whose names I forgot. They are the poster children for a new trend aside from the one called “looking like the lead stars of an evangelical Christian remake of Reality Bites.” It is called “not always wearing deodorant.” Because they can’t afford it anymore and who cares how you smell anyway, what with this economy? No, because they are members of some growing new psychographic the Times is calling “The Great Unwashed.” In addition to not always wearing deodorant they distinguish themselves by occasionally skipping showers on mornings after they showered at night after working out, flossing only once per day, although never on a day that also involved taking the Lord’s name in vain and/or consuming a trace amount of high fructose corn syrup, and once in a very rare while forgetting to reapply waterproof sunblock every two and a half hours.

Meet your new dirty hippies, America, you could be seeing a lot more of this human filth if this Marshall Plan of foreclosures doesn’t pan out…