The news that Tim Geithner paid an off-the-record call on Jon Stewart in April made me wonder: has the Treasury Secretary ever sat for an on-the-record interview that even threatened to be remotely adversarial? Or is this just something you obviously never deign to do, when it’s your job to ensure the steady flow of wealth to the plutocracy? (It’s so telling that he went to Stewart‘s office for the meeting. Can you imagine Hillary or Bob Gates doing that? Yeah: no.)

I’ve spent some time rifling through Geithner’s daybooks and can assure you he has long looooved schmoozing the media but the last time I saw him interviewed in any sort of a public forum the hardest question he had to answer was something about the most important thing he felt he had “gotten right.” I don’t remember what he said, but since I would have remembered if it had been “getting one over on obsequious access hacks like you” it is pretty safe to say it was a lie.