Remember about 32 news cycles ago, when I encountered a keg of Koch-funded Dale’s Pale Ale in a room full of libertarians and wondered briefly whether the (very good) beer had an official relationship with the Tea Party movement before proceeding to consume like 17 cups of it? Well, I finally received an answer from Dale’s representative Chad Melis and I am pretty sure what he is trying to say here is that libertarianism is simply an ideological manifestation of mild autism and that while supply siders and Randians are “free to choose” whatever substances they need to feel less awkward around Objectivists of the opposite sex, that wasn’t a “reason” to cut taxes on the rich when I was tanked out of my mind and Ayn Rand was still ugly in the morning when I was sober. (-Ish.) 


We’re located right up against the magical land of well-to-do hippies here in Colorado so those lame ass sissies are part of our day to day deal.  Fortunately it’s like some crazy cross mojination around here where good beer seems to smell & taste of hints of those hippie substances you speak of….mmmmm Can ‘o bliss, satisfy ya.  Our Pale Ale certainly has its fair share of followers but at this time isn’t allowed to vote or have an affiliation since it only comes in 12oz cans, damn the system.  There have been many posters around but before “Yes We Can” because a staple we were working our gift of gab with a bit-of “because we can”….because we do.  Anyway, thanks for reaching out to us and sharing your fantastic taste in American Style Pale Ale’s, someone has great taste in adult beverages.

Cheers to the freedom to choose one voluminously hopped mutha of a pale ale,