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Jesus Christ, stupid liberals. So since I last checked RSS the ACLU and that lady who started Firedoglake have joined the Great American Airport Security Prude Out? GAH!? THELEFTISSODUMBTHELEFTISSODUMBTHELEFTISSODUMBSODUMBSODUMBWHYGODWHY… anyway, appropriately enough we can blame Ralph Nader, the original “Democracy: A Lot Like Consumerism!” leftist, who was in on this crusade entire days before original certifiably “smokin hot” Libertarian activist Meg McLain got arrested for raising a shitfit at the Fort Lauderdale Airport. I obviously deserve this for voting for the guy in 2000, but isn’t it just like the Left to quietly take a kind of strident ACLU-y stand on something and get no attention for it until some Koch-funded Astroturf campaign egged on by some chump in Oceanside and a girl who loves free markets so much she is auctioning off space on her body for the tattoo design of your choice—[[GEORGE SOROS IF YOU ARE READING HA HA RIGHT?]]—by which point the right has already deployed some suspiciously prepared-seeming talking points such as:

I think it’s high time we privatized airport security. Let the airlines handle it. They have the motivation (nobody is going to fly if the feel unsafe), and if the government would get off their collective backs, they’d have the resources as well.

Ah yes, now privatizing the thing is sure put an end to all this gratuitously violation of human rights, and if you don’t believe me just ask Erik Prince, unless he is still hiding out in Dubai as if the stupid left is actually going to get its shit together and prosecute him. Come back, Erik Prince! Fox News is looking for someone with “gravitas” to co-host the new Christine O’Donnell vehicle (Motto: She doesn’t even touch her own junk!) and everyone agrees you’d be perfect…