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So it’s clear at this point there is no “opting out”; I am into my fifth straight hour of like ten straight days of nonstop junk touch coverage on MSNBC. “The question is is this the most efficient use of your time and money,” the anchor who is not NorahO’Donnell just asked some representative of the TSA. Obviously, for the stupid media, this is a very efficient story, because it actually requires brainpower to dumb most stories down to cable news standards, but not this one. No, before Americans even learn to count or recite the alphabet or fear socialism people we learn to reserve our most concentrated form of contempt for strange grownups who threaten to touch us in sensitive parts of our bodies…

Which brings me to the alleged 6-year-old star of the YouTube video “Young boy strip-searched by TSA,” to which Drudge and others drove more than 700,000 viewers last week. Turns out the kid’s dad actually took the kid’s shirt off “to expedite the screening.” Way to shield your kid from the prurient interests of the pedophile nanny state, guy!

And who was the heroic patriot who filmed this bullshit in the first place? I don’t know, it’s the only video the guy has posted, and his only other sign of activity on Youtube is a “snarky” comment about some sort of Mormon film demanding to know why, if being gay is genetic, the “human race” isn’t “evolving into extinction.”

As I explained last week, this whole cynical TSA vilification campaign is a corporate-sponsored struggle session designed to rebrand libertarianism, re-privatize airport security, return the “national conversation” to the racial profiling of swarthy looking guys which is the sort of racism that can “unite” a country (as opposed to the uglier kind they channeled to win the elections) and distract the dumb media from any of the innumerable societal ills that might elicit actually justified outrage, as if the media really needs an excuse these days to become shallower.