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There is so much goddamn actual news right now that reading my cover story about the year 2010 as seen through the lens of Fishbowl DC blogger Betsy Rothstein might feel a bit overly indulgent, so I encourage you to just click on the link a few times, possibly scrolling down far enough to catch the fun “Boy Band” graphic and maybe tweet something about how genius it is. Because the town’s recent obsession with Twitter, Politico and all the massive quantities of not-so-“need to know” information with which they constantly assault us, is the general theme. And if you don’t have the stomach for a full Kardashian-Weigel-hairwatch-Bratz doll-Sex & the City feast of fluff right now, you can probably get the gist from a few outtakes that were left on the cutting room floor, but not of my brain, which stores shit like this permanently.

1. In April, Rahm Emanuel went out on the town wearing a denim shirt paired with jeans. As Betsy says, “Double denim? Who does that?” And yet, of course, he’s also a ballerina, which is also weird. Stupid Democrats probably never even thought to make him go on Dancing With The Stars. Anyway…

2. Democratic congresswoman Shelley Berkeley went on vacation with her husband, and her ex-husband. There is too much other memorable shit about Shelley I learned from Betsy’s reporting at The Hill to list here, but I’ll let you Google that yourself—miraculously, she got reelected.

3. In sad contrast to Alan Grayson, whom I learned from Fishbowl buys all his ties at WildTies.com, something Rothstein told us in the context of blogging about a poll he’d commissioned back in March surveying Republican voters as to how Grayson would hold up if he could run in the Republican primary. He “won”, by a landslide. How quickly those mercurial voters can change their minds!

4. Back when Rothstein’s fixation on David Weigel began, in mid-June, it was over his curious choice of words in describing a YouTube video in which a bunch of conservative operatives filmed themselves getting mildly assaulted by Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge, whom Weigel described as holding a “safe” seat. That seat would soon turn out to be… not so safe; he lost it to this lady.

5. But everyone was too busy doing everything really fast to notice, probably, although in the process some funny spelling errors came to pass: namely, freaking Regnery misspelled “Republican” in the title of a press release, and the White House misspelled “Israel” in a press advisory about a meeting between Obama and Binyamin Netanyahu.

Photo by Darrow Montgomery