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Oh wait sorry, so class warmongery of me, they’re called “affluent” now, apparently. Like in that old book about our great American “society”, except the term can only be used to describe 1 in 100 of society’s members these days.

Anyway, don’t say we didn’t try to take this terrible policy to a higher authority. When a nice man named “Ken” emailed us yesterday with the subject heading Re: 12/8 INTERVIEW OPP: Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus talk Toys for Tots and ‘Shaking up Christmas’ offering us a five-minute interview with the First Family of those melting ice caps  this morning, we lept like flying raindeer at the opportunity! But it was not to be…

KEMCOM Media to me
show details 9:44 AM (6 hours ago)

Please accept my apologies for my misguided pitch. I should have done a much better job identifying the kind of stories you cover when I was compiling my media list. Definitely my mistake.

If it’s any consolation, after reading some of your posts I’ll definitely be an interested and future frequent reader.



Yeah, that’s what they all say. Anyway, here’s how we messed up our shot to interview Santa. Should have stuck to asking whether they can see Russia from their house etc. etc.

From: Maureen Tkacik [mailto:mtkacik@washingtoncitypaper.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2010 10:05 AM
To: Kenneth Meyer
Subject: Re: 12/8 INTERVIEW OPP: Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus talk Toys for Tots and “Shaking up Christmas”
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Do you think Santa would be interested in discussing his controversial decision to disproportionately bestow his gifts upon the wealthy once again this year? Were they just really, really good little boys and girls?

And here’s the pitch. Note how he addresses me, and “Das Krapital.” As if we are balls deep in “elves” over here, too, like Ezra Klein just without the “prolific” part.

On Tue, Dec 7, 2010 at 6:33 AM, Kenneth Meyer wrote:
Hi Moe,

I’m working on a holiday campaign for Toys for Tots and Coca-Cola and I wanted to offer you and Das Krapital the opportunity to interview their very special seasonal spokespeople … Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.

While this is a lighthearted story pitch that you can have some fun with, Santa and Mrs. Claus will also be available to talk about the national charitable initiative they are working on to generate thousands of toy donations to children and teens in need.

On Wednesday, December 8th the duo will be available from a North-Pole theed broadcast studio. My production team will be recording on our end so we can send you the video of the interview in an embed code or file format that you can use on your site.

In addition, Santa can discuss his 75-plus years of experience “working” for Coca-Cola to promote holiday cheer including his latest commercial titled “Snow Globe” which features the song “Shake Up Christmas” by the Grammy Award-winning band Train.

We will be able to provide you with tons of hi-resolution iconic images from as far back as 1931 from Coca-Cola’s historical media archive and b-roll footage from the company’s currently-airing holiday spot to help add some eye-catching visuals for your story. (The Press Release/Media Alert follows beneath my signature)

I have 5 minute interview windows available from 7:00 AM – 11:20 AM Eastern. Can you drop me a line and let me know if you’re interested in booking an interview?

Or if it’s not a fit for you, do could you recommend a colleague that it might be more suitable for?

Thanks and best regards,


Kenneth Meyer
KEMCOM Media on behalf of D S Simon Productions, MSA-TV and Coca-Cola
(917) 568-6695 or ken@kemcommedia.com or kennethemeyer@gmail.com