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Not from this morning, but you get the idea

As I predicted, Tina Brown has been all over the Elizabeth Edwards deathfest, despite having chastised her while she was alive for repeatedly and “inexplicably” making a “ghastly spectacle” of her book publicity tour by admitting she was, actually, pissed that her pathological liar husband had made a sex tape with some kind of Stevie Nicks without the talent manic blonde dilettante lady while she was dying of cancer, then pawned off their love child on an aide. As Pareene pointed out yesterday Mark Halperin was the first shameless hack to pull this “reversal” on Edwards after opportunistically vilifying her during her life for no good reason other than, I guess pageviews? Sheer venality? Whatever, at least the Daily Beast picked a nice photo to accompany their shiva sit in. As opposed to…

This is definitely the worst photo ever taken of Elizabeth Edwards. You would think she had tried to enact legislation to rein in the deceptive recruitment practices of online diploma mills, or something!

Check the gratuitous “Barbie” mention! This isn’t how I’ll be “remembering Elizabeth Edwards”, and that gives me a new appreciation for stupid Anna Wintour.  Oh well, I am sure she is rolling her eyes in her grave.