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crust punk (a.k.a gutter-punk, a.k.a. speed punk) and may be a devotee of crusty punk music and the crusty’s marginal lifestyle.

As you may be aware, a photograph is the unreliable digital or filmic record of an elusive moment in time. Because human lives are composed of innumerable such moments, I cannot expect that you will remember when I photographed you. However, in the hopes that you have access to the Internet (a.k.a. the world wide web) and, through some set of circumstances I cannot imagine, stumble upon my photograph of you, I now post this photograph and hope you can confirm that you are the subject and I am the photographer. I take these steps in the hope that you will remember the elusive moment my photograph records and, if you live, declare yourself. For, though my photograph achieves art without your consent, said art cannot transcend mere voyeurism if I never communicate with you or learn your name. In my life, I have heretofore espoused democratic, participatory art forms (“DIY” punk, weblogs, and, rarely, journalism). I despise the fictional barrier between “artist” and “subject” and, since I have made art out of you, must now seek to know you. In fact, I would have spoken to you after photographing you, but had to hide in my band’s touring van when I heard from a third party that you and your friends were not happy with my picture-taking. Thus, though I failed to make human contact before, I wish to make clinical, digital contact now. Email correspondence will suffice.

Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.


Justin Moyer
Writer of the WeBlog “Iceland”