Dear Iceland Experiencer:

Recent CNN/YouTube presidential debates and the success of internet pornography prove that individuals interacting with new media expect a visual component to their online entertainment experiences. Literary musings and a rapier-sharp wit are not enough to satisfy Spaceship Earth’s citizenry, whose bottomless appetite for filmed distraction grows somehow more bottomless with each evolution of the feline Macintosh operating system. The Gospel of John tells us that “in the beginning was the Word” (John 1:1). Obviously, this Biblical sloganeer was unfamiliar with DVDs and Comcast On-Demand.

As the Oz-like visionary behind the weblog “Iceland,” I can ignore popular demand for visual stimuli no longer. Much to the Apple Corporation’s delight, I purchased a Canon HV20 high-definition camcorder from one of its retail outlets two days ago on the eve of my band’s fall U.S. tour. I will film portraits of individuals I encounter in the neverending stream of places I visit and, by doing so, put a human face on the many stories I tell about myself and those who inhabit my moveable universe. To highlight the fascist nature of the writer-subject relationship fundamental to what is popularly called “journalism,” my subjects will not speak. This experiment is called “Iceland: Three Minutes of No Comment.”

I implore you: enjoy your ride on the ever-spinning carousel of my aesthetics.


Justin Moyer

CEO/Presdient of the WeBlog Iceland