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Bring Back the Guns
Filmed December 1, 2007
Slowdown Balcony
Omaha, Nebraska

Bring Back the Guns is a four-piece rock band from Houston, Texas. I met them on March 22, 2007, when my band opened for them at Walter’s on Washington, Houston’s premier dive bar. When Bring Back the Guns took the stage that night, they wore T-shirts emblazoned with target symbols. After the show, I asked them about their unusual wardrobe. Bring Back the Guns informed me that an unstable individual/scene member had implied via posts to a popular message board that he would come to our show and kill everyone present. “He didn’t show up, but we decided not to tell you until after we played,” a band member said.

Nine months later, Bring Back the Guns and shared the same bill in Omaha on the small stage of the Saddle Creek performance complex Slowdown. I filmed the band on the balcony of the large room in front of a striking snake sculpture fabricated from paint buckets. From L-R: Thomas Clemmons (drums), Erik Bogle (guitar), Ryan Hull (bass), Matthew Brownlie (guitar/vocals).