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Filmed December 3, 2007
Aquarium (Dempsey’s Upstairs)
Fargo, ND

Upskirts are a drums/guitar/vocal trio from Fargo, North Dakota. Before December 3, 2007, I had never played in North Dakota, and did not know what to expect from a city famously skewered in an Oscar-winning Coen brothers film. I was pleased to share the stage with Upskirts, who eschewed Coen brothers references and sported their minimalist, primitivist deconstruction of the Gossip before a respectably-sized audience. During my performance, the audience danced. The Upskirts congratulated me and assured me that dancing is rare in Fargo—-rarer, at least, than Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournaments, which are held regularly at the I played.

From L-R: Julia Oxenreider, Valerie Mikelson, Joyce Hatton.