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Filmed December 12, 2007
Moreno Valley, Calif.

Christina Zamora is a concert promoter and record store operator in San Bernardino, California. When I heard Christina booked shows at a venue called “Cheers” nestled near an In and Out fast-food restaurant in a strip mall, I was initially skeptical the prospect of performing at a place where, as the song says, “everyone knows your name.”

“Is there a myspace or a website for cheers [sic]?” I emailed Christina. “I googled it and found a scary sports bar.”

“Hahahahaaa [sic],” Christina replied electronically. “…its a dive bar…not scary at all…we do shows there all the time.”

Trusting Christina’s judgment, I performed at Cheers on Wednesday, December 12, 2007. Few San Bernardino citizens attended, but those that did proved friendly and interested in my aesthetics. Though light levels were low, I filmed Christina at the back of Cheers while she consumed an unidentified liquid.