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Filmed December 15, 2007
at her Los Angeles apartment
Los Angeles, Calif.

Dahlia Schweitzer is a musician, academic, and author of erotica. She has lived in Washington, D.C., Connecticut (where I met her at our liberal arts university in 1994), New York, Berlin, and, currently, in Los Angeles. I’ve slept on the floors of Dahlia’s apartments in the latter two international capitals repeatedly while on tour. Last month, I stayed at her apartment for three days while playing shows in Southern California, one of which was cancelled because the entire staff of the venue “caught bronchitis.”

Dahlia has a dog named Dylan. Dylan, who looks like a miniature golden retriever, is very friendly to all visitors and lies down on the floor to have his stomach rubbed. However, after fifteen minutes, he retreats to Dahlia’s bedroom, where he lurks underneath her bed for hours on end, seemingly depressed. Such Greta Garbo-like behavior is not typical for a canine.