Filmed December 16, 2007
Modified Arts
Phoenix, Arizona

Colour Revolt (Jesse Coppenbarger, Jimmy Cajoleas, Len Clark, Sean Kirkpatrick, and Patrick Addison) is a five piece rock-and-roll band from Oxford, Mississippi. Though I have played in Mississippi, I had never played with or met a band from Mississippi until I met Colour Revolt. For this reason—-and because they regaled me with descriptions of “juke joints” where one can still see North Mississippi bluespersons perform—-I was happy to share a bill with these five strapping young lads.

When Colour Revolt gathered in front of a white wall at Modified Arts for their video portrait, its members first seemed unduly serious—-that is, they looked a band trying too hard to look like a band. Happily, this façade of seriousness devolved as they engaged in youthful hijinks for my camera. The tall guy in the back looked consistently uncomfortable, though.