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Well—folks are commenting on our videos over at YouTube even before we post them here! May we remind everyone (anyone?) that comments at this location are entirely welcome. (Thanks, Sam!)

So, here then is the latest vid, from last week’s Happy Hour at the Warehouse Theater. We were very excited to meet Dr. Lynette Long, who told us about her first Fringe effort, and first play, One in Two, which deals with the psychological aspects of abortion. What is also interesting about Dr. L is that in her previous career as a principal, she coined the term “latchkey kid.” Fascinating!

And, in a very Fringe-y coincidence, Dr. Long and her self-described “sidekick,” Georgette Sobel (pictured above, l-r), were the winners of the door prize, passes to the Improv. We swear the contest wasn’t rigged! Here’s a picture of Fringe events coordinator Sam Goldblatt and Warehouse honcho Paul Ruppert picking the winners:

Glad that’s settled. Herewith, Dr. Lynette Long discussing her play One in Two, and below a comment about it from “satarnowski” at YouTube.

“The pro-life versus prochoice debate has become commonplace, however, little attention has been put on the psychological effects of abortion. This play promises to be powerful investigation of our culture and a moving look into the lives of one in two women. My expectations are high and I hope this brings the woman’s movement to the next level by shedding light on the psychological needs and rights of women.”