Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27, the first-ever Fringe Festival Preview is happening at the Palace of Wonders, 1210 H Street NE, from 8-11 p.m.

In addition to $1 off on Bud and High Life (and shouldn’t that be enough?), there will be preview performances by some of the artists in the 2007 Fest, including this tantalizing list:

Butter: A Love Story, Beale Street Puppets, George Burns, DC Dollies and the Rocket Bitch Review, “Faggot”, Lysistration, Collaterally Damaged, Leela DC, The R Word, The Lesbian and the Flying Pig, SpeakeasyDC, Love and War: with the Bard’s Broads and Dames, Bouncing Ball Productions, Arts United, Swami Yomami, Nautch DC, The Pabst and Popcorn Hour presents The Tragedy of Doctor Faustus

So come, get a taste of Fringey goodness, and remember that you may buy tickets starting July 9 at See you tomorrow!