Nuttycombe’s just teasing with that “confession” video — here’s the genuinely mortifying revelation: It’s Friday, and I don’t have a comprehensive plan yet.

Last year I was like a junior-varsity Alan King (you remember, the guy with the Fringe-schedule spreadsheet). (Yes, he’s back for more this year, in case you’re wondering.)

Anyway, not to be outdone, I had a color-coded .Mac calendar with every performance of everything I thought I might want to see plotted out across the ten days, so I could get a visual sense of conflicts and plan my attack.

Well, that was then. (Remember I said I’ve got a day job now? Last year, Fringe pretty much was my day job. Which was both terrific and tragic.)

So now it’s Day 2 of Fringe 2007, and I’ve got no strategic plan. In fact, it’s 7:15 p.m. and I’m still at my desk at NPR. (Which is, come to think of it, both terrific and tragic.)

I’m just about to bail out, though, and head off to a Fringe something. Just gotta figure out what.

Oh, yay: Handy Fringe schedule over there on the right. Looks like it’s gonna be the 8 o’clock Chocolate Jesus — with Ninja Motorcycle Babes as a fallback.

‘Cause, you know, either one sounds like a good way to start your Fringe.