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So, quick and sorta random notes about a few things:

  • Festival director Julianne Brienza reports that the venue for The Super Secret Show, starring Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey, has changed: The show’s at the Warehouse mainstage now, not at the Scientarium. (Something about their rigging and their tech rider.) Dates and venue info have been updated at TheaterMania.
  • Adrian Dunston, who wrote Stone Goddess, points out that we at City Paper suck toads’ toes, in that we apparently printed incorrect times for the show in the print paper, and attendance hasn’t been so hot. (Actually Adrian wrote a very nice note, drawing attention to our huge honking mistake in the gentlest possible way.) We grovel with remorse, and we hope our new overlords will clean house mercilessly. Unless of course it was Adrian’s fault, or the fault of the people who gave us the schedule — it’s not like I’ve checked. The correct times (according to Adrian) are Saturday and Sunday at 3 pm., and you can get your tix here.
  • Kristin Cantwell, she of the show Butter: A Love Story, relates a delicious anecdote: Apparently her heroine Sandy Patti, a TV chef who combines “the evil genius of Paula Deen and the overblown vocals of Patti LuPone,” has fired the indignation of those who worship Sandi Patty, the iron-lunged, taste-free contemporary Christian singer. Ms. Cantwell wishes to assure all those concerned that “my Sandy is a sassy, Southern, butter-loving chef on Food 24. She hosts Quasi-Home Cooking in Minutes. She’s not a Christian singer who also cooks. There are no jokes about the real Sandi Patty in the show.”

While we’re on the topic: For those who are still wondering, the late City Paper critic Joel E. Siegel, writer of lacerating reviews of many a chuckleheaded Hollywood cheesefest, was not the same person as the late Joel Siegel, cheesy chuckleheaded movie reviewer for Good Morning America. Believe it or not, we once had to point this out in an Editor’s Note.

And I am not a Baptist minister who commutes from Texas to see D.C. theater and live a secret gay life.

Thank you for your attention. That is all.

Kristin Cantwell photo:  Bob Morrison