My Way Little Girl
Warehouse Arts – In the Alley

Remaining Performances:
Friday, July 27 @ Midnight (Warehouse Arts)
Saturday, July 28 @ 10:00pm (Warehouse Arts)

They say: “Controversy surrounds this installation experiment. Through imagery of stereotypical iconic pop-symbols the piece depicts sex education, its boundaries, sexual taboos, and eventual consequences as perpetuated by contradictions in the advertising world versus the political sphere. Conceived, directed, choreographed by Andrew Zox.”

Trey’s take: Whoa, now: Why are the five ladies in the fishnets and furs lounging so provocatively on the hay bales? What exactly does the latex-gloved, white-coated gent have in mind? Why ‘s that guy with the eyepatch wearing a plaid sofa cushion like it’s armor? And what is that man playing on the banjo?

I jest — though all of those things are in fact happening. What I mean to say is: My Way Little Girl is the first seriously Fringewhack show I’ve seen. I watched it with precisely 8 other people sitting on a tarp in the alley beside the Warehouse, with Zox running the sound from a PowerBook six feet behind me. The night before, apparently, they did it for like 200 people on the Kennedy Center’s free-to-all-comers Millennium Stage — which I would actually have paid to see.

It’s about much the same stuff, as it happens, as Super Glossy (see below): It’s about how we teach women what they’re supposed to be, and teach them to be ashamed of what they are. It’s about the codifying of femininity, the commodification of beauty, the pathologizing of sexuality and childbirth — and while it doesn’t have much terribly revelatory to offer on those topics, it’s communicating what it does have to say pretty clearly. And stylishly: The stage pictures are striking, the movement carefully designed, and the cast utterly committed. It totally rang my bell.

See it if: You’re looking for a nice wordless movement-based something that ain’t a solo confessional — or if you’re just feeling adventurous.

Skip it if: You ain’t sittin’ in an alley for no damn pinko feminist-leaning actor-boy and his wussy bleeding-heart girl apologia.