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… I took Glen’s advice and checked out the pirate queen, who was in fact pretty good; I’m off in a minute to see Queen of the Bohemian Dream, because I think Bobby Smith is one of the craftier musical-comedy guys in town; and after that I think I’m gonna do either Chocolate Jesus or One in Two.

If I hold up, that is.
Other things I’ve seen but haven’t written about:

  • Cordelia’s Fool, which was charming and smart, if a little slight (like somebody said in one of the open threads, I think, I wanted a little more commentary on the play, in addition to the playful Cliffs Notes); she’s done, but she’s appearing this weekend in The Trojan Women.
  • A White House Tale, which begins hopefully but ends up being about as dire and awkward as you’d expect a politically themed improv based on A Christmas Carol to be (except for Elizabeth Jernigan, who out-acted everybody else even when her head was covered by that scary Reagan mask)
  • Our Love is Empty, vigorous dance piece intercut with some video bits, one of which is a hilariously deadpan thing involving Elvis’ “Love Me Tender,” a red felt-tip and a pair of tighty-whities (Keith may write something later today, ‘cuz he’s got the dance-writer vocab that I don’t)

And one thing I just realized I wanna see: Hamlet? That is the Question, whose promotional blurb makes the show sound off-puttingly wacky, and didn’t clue me in that it’s being done by a group whose work I really liked last year — Leslie Felbain and her Infinite Stage troupe. (They put on Site-Seeing — see the video interview from last year.)