OK, so it’s afternoon. But for some of us, that’s like morning. Especially the day after Fringe.

Can’t write at length, ’cause I’m busy chasing bits and pieces to make a nice Ingmar Bergman page. But I did want to say hi, if only to respond to Curious, who can’t seem to get enough of Fringe, or of Fringe & Purge:

So did people go to the closing party? See any great shows on saturday or sunday? I’d love to hear some of the final headcounts/numbers from the Fringe organizers.

Well, Curious:

1). Yes, people did go to the closing party. There was much karaoke, much of it quite thoroughly wretched. There were some awards presentations, none of which were in the least bit audible. But I’ll get the details from Julianne later.

2). I quite liked Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind, and the Pabst and Popcorn Faustus. But again, those have been much discussed, so I’m not going to say much more.

3). Final headcounts and other numbers will be forthcoming, but not today. Firstly, I’m not sure they’re available yet. Secondly, I’ve been told rather firmly not to call Julianne today, for reasons I’m sure you can understand. Or maybe you can’t — but I’m still not gonna call her.

I will, however, check in with her later this week, and get back to y’all with some final Fringe thoughts. Meantime, feel free to chime in here with your own Fringe post-mortems. What did you like about the way it worked this time around? What left you cold? Will you miss the Warehouse?

Go ahead and cheer, jeer, or whatever — and I’ll try to work as much of it into my conversation with Julianne as possible.