Gilgamesh, Who Saw the Deep July 20 , 2008 by Ryan Whinnem/Mobtown Players at the Source Theatre Capital Fringe Festival 2008 Original Filename DSC_9487

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I’ve been planning on writing up an actual reviewlet, but the day has gotten away from me.

So, short version, because they’ve got a perf tonight at 8 (at the Source): It’s worth checking out, especially if you’re into the whole ancient-tales-retold thing.

Some strong movement, some interesting work with shadows and (human-generated) sound, a youngish cast of new faces, and so on.

Adaptation’s OK, too: Nice, incantatory feel to the storytelling. Some of the tellers could maybe use a little more experience with the classics — heightened speech ain’t as easy as it looks, and there’s some furry diction here, the odd bit of tentative delivery there — but on the whole it’s a worthy effort, and smart.

And they’ve got one last performance on Saturday, too.

Photo: Paul Gillis