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Name: Glen Weldon Hometown:  West Chester (we called it “Wet Cheddar”! Ha!), Pennsylvania (we called it “Pretzelvania”!  I know, right? We were EDGY.) Years in D.C.:  15 First CapFringe? Nope:  Attended the first, blogged the last two for CP. Shows I’m Seeing:  Lots, but so far ‘Vincent’ and ‘Devils Christmas Carol’ for sure. Random Thing You Might Find Revealing About My Sensibilities:  My loyalties to the Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean run deep, okay?  Deep.  If you get up in my bald pasty grill and be all, like, “Aquaman is Lame!” I will name thee lazy comedy hack, yes I will, and shove a smelt up your nose.