Life Inside an Open Kaije
Warehouse — Next Door

Remaining performances:
July 11 at 6:15 pm;  Jul 12 at 9 pm; Jul 18 at 11 am

They say: Life Inside an Open Kaije covers certain memorable chapters of the playwright’s life while dealing with diabetes and how he was able to overcome each obstacle through narration.

Joan says: Everything you ever wanted to know about living with diabetes but were afraid to ask.

Playwright Kevin Ray Johnson unflinchingly chronicles his metamorphosis from a newly diagnosed 8-year-old into a 20-something man who has finally made peace with the disease.  The normally rocky process of growing up becomes so much more gut-wrenching, thanks to the physical and mental tolls of his disease.

Gregory Joseph Twomey stars as the afflicted Kaije through every stage of his life—which given the breadth of ages is a rather impressive feat.  The supporting cast of two men (Joey Ibanez and Rob Loreto) and one woman (Rosanna Haddad) are left with the daunting task of playing everyone else of import.  Usually the changes in character are clear; occasionally they add a bit of mental vertigo until you recognize their new role. A compelling story, with the actors stretched beautifully to portray a dizzying array of doctors, nurses, friends and family.

See it if: You’d like to become more compassionate courtesy of a behind-the-scenes tour of living with a chronic disease.

Skip it if: You’d rather not need a scorecard to distinguish the players.