Born of a Fairytale
The Shop – at Fort Fringe

Remaining performances:
Saturday, July 18th @ 12:45 pm
Sunday, July 19th @ 4:30 pm

They say: A mix of dark fairytales, dance fever and a character caught between reality and fantasy who realizes she doesn’t particularly like either. What happens to happily ever after if the girl grooves her way to rescuing herself?

Chris says: This show wasn’t on my official blogging itinerary, so I’ll keep this brief.  This one-woman show is fun and ultra-kinetic:  Every imaginable detail of the story that can be turned into motion is turned into motion.  There are elements of mime, dance theater, and plain-old groovin’ to the music.

See it if: You like watching Shrek, or aerobics videos.

Skip it if: The analogy of a girl who loses her voice to a woman in a bad relationship (or two, or three) makes you want to switch the channel to Spike.