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Some shows were such hits last year, they’re back and better than ever this year (well, they’re back at any rate).

Here are the Fringe & Purge reviews from last year. Note:  Dates, times, and locations in the last year’s reviews have changed (duh!) so please see times posted below.

Bargain Basement Game Show—Warehouse Next Door, 7/16 @10pm, 7/18 @1pm, 7/24 @6pm

Children of Medea—Bedroom at Ft. Fringe, 7/16 @8:30pm, 7/17 @8:30pm, 7/19 @4:30pm, 7/25 @2:30pm

Diamond Dead (OK, I’m not sure if this is, ahem, a reincarnation, or the sequel)—Baldacchino Gypsy Tent, 7/18 @6:30pm, 7/19 @5:30pm, 7/22 @6, 7/25 @7:30

McSwiggin’s Pub—Goethe Institut,  7/18 @12:45, 7/24 @8pm, 7/25 @10:30pm

Dizzy Miss Lizzie’s Roadside Revue: The Oresteia—Church St. Theater, 7/17 @11pm, 7/18 @11pm, 7/19 @7&9pm,  7/24 @11pm, 7/25 @11pm, 7/26 @7&9pm

Revolutionary: Isadora Duncan’s Words, Music, Dance—Mt. Vernon United Methodist Church,  7/15 @7:30, 7/25 @11:30am

Sorry if I missed any, but I’m sure you’ll let me know…