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Let’s face it, people.  This is some full-contact theater, up in here.  The Fringe muse can inspire, but she can also slap your ass around.

Yes, the venues are hot; we’ve all watched drops of persperation fly from performers’ noses every time they turn their heads, describing graceful, albeit funky, arcs over the footlights. Let’s just remember that as uncomfortable as you feel — sitting there in the dark, fanning yourself with your program like a pasha — the performers have it worse, by an order of magnitude.  Or at least, once you factor in costumes, lights and physical exertion, by a good 10 degrees Farhenheit.

But that comes with the territory.  Herewith, we honor those who’ve given their lives, or at least their ability to thumb-wrestle for a while, to Fringe.

Our first honoree is hardcore, people.

Who: Lynn-Jane Foreman, actor

Show: Missing Pages

How: Scripted onstage tussle becomes unscripted onstage fall. A nasty one.

Didn’t have room for it in the review, but wanted to honor Foreman’s grit.  She takes a spill, landing on her tailbone, smacking her head against the stage.  Does she take even a beat to gather herself?  To take a breath, to shake it off?  She does not.

She’s back in the scene immediately — delivering her lines sitting up on the floor until getting helped to her feet.  Play goes on for a bit, during which time she shows not a trace of discomfort.  Has some difficulty leaving stage after the curtain call, and the call goes up for a doctor.  She is driven to the emergency room.

Diagnosis:  Concussion, broken thumb.

I am reliably informed that she’s doing all right, and will be back for tonight’s performance and the others.  (I am also informed that Fringe has added a second air conditioner to the Redrum venue, which will be a relief to her fellow performers, especially poor Christopher Guy Thorn, who spends the show in a heavy army jacket.)

You got a nomination for the Fringe Hall of Ouchy Fame?  Someone faint from the heat, slip in a pool of their own sweat, or just spill your beer at the Baldacchino?  Tell us about it below.