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Closing time is a simple concept.  At 12:25 am, the bartender announces, “Last Call at 12:30!”  As I select my beverage (from the Baldacchino Gypsy Tent bar’s refreshingly delectable beer menu), the bartender explains that Fringe’s alcohol permit extends only until 1 a.m., so I will have to finish my beverage before then.  Perfectly understandable.

So please explain to me why the Fringe beer police start grabbing cups out of your hands at 12:40 a.m.!  Last Saturday night, my friend got up from our table to make room in her bladder to finish her beer, and when she got back at 12:45, her beer had been confiscated—-against our protestations.   This Saturday night, after being harassed every 5 minutes by said beer police, the editor of this City Paper blog had his nearly full bottle swiped from under his nose at 12:48.  We were informed that Alcohol Beverage Control has been cracking down (they don’t like ’em theatre-types, I reckon).

Look, I’m not trying to get Fringe in trouble with the law, but I think I can finish my beer in 10 minutes.  I mean, I made it through college.  If Fringe is really concerned about the law, then change closing time at 12:45.  Otherwise, let a guy drink his beer in peace.