Captain Squishy’s Yeehaw Jamboree
The Baldacchino at Fort Fringe

Remaining performances: Saturday, July 25 (tonight!) at 5 p.m.

They say: From the writers of last year’s hit I Like Nuts! comes a ridiculous new musical about a comedy variety show, with a murderous ingenue, a WWI German spy, and of course, bacon!!! It’s Captain Squishy’s Yee Haw Jamboree!

Brian says: Hey Teddyo, you ever been to the American South?

Ted says: Nah man. It’s too silly down there for me.

Brian: That’s true. You are really serious. Well it’s a good thing you didn’t see Captain Squishy’s Yeehaw Jamboree then. It would’ve sillied your poor little brains out.

Ted: But I did see Captain Squishy’s Yeehaw Jamboree. In fact, you and I saw it together.

Brian: Wait a secorino—-that’s right! You were that guy sitting behind me ticklin’ my earlobe all night.

Ted: If you say so.

Brian: Well listen, you were so good at ticklin’ that I forgot to ask what you thought of the show.

Ted: No time like the present….

Brian: So what’d you think of the show?

Ted: Ripping good fun.

Brian: More adjectives!

Ted: Tuneful. Cheeky.

Brian: More!

Ted: Hysterical. Zany. Occasionally flatulent.

Brian: And gimme a blurb that’d look good on a program!

Ted: Ah yes, let me see…Captain Squishy combines seat-of-the-pants Fringiness with flawless execution and enough wit to fell an elephant.

Brian: Amen. And how about “My Boyfriend Chad”—-you know, that song about stealing your BFF’s BF? An ingenious comic number…even in a show that was less plain silly and absurd, it would’ve been side-splitting.

Ted: Seconded. Speaking of which, we gotta mention Susie Smalltown.

Brian: Whew! Hell yes. She was smokin! She may be the most supple actor I’ve seen at the Fringe.

Ted: Dude. That’s way inappropriate.

Brian: Um, no dude. Being supple is a good thing.

Ted: Yeah, but it’s the kind of good thing that…if a blogger points it out in a public forum…it gets that blogger either reprimanded or charged with misogyny.

Brian: Dude, whatever. Susie would love it. Susie, if you’re out there, I think your performance was supple. Supple!

Ted: I’m practically soiling myself in anticipation of what these folks will mount at next year’s Fringe.

Brian: Wait, Ted, weren’t we supposed to write this review like a week ago—-when we actually saw the show? What’s our excuse?

Ted: There really is no good reason for not giving Captain Squishy’s Yeehaw Jamboree its due.

Brian: What would you say is its due?

Ted: Accolades! Great commercial success! And a good See it if and Skip it if.

Brian: I’d say, See it if you came to Fringe to have your socks knocked off. Or if you rarely wear socks in the first place. Or if your socks are riddled with holes.

Ted: And I’d say Skip it if you’ve a low threshold for topsy-turvydom. Or for funny accents.

Brian: Hey, stop tickling!