Cast members of DC Theatre Collective's "Tea Party Project" protest last Thursday's preview at Fort Fringe.

Perhaps drawing inspiration from this rather brilliant March installment of Amanda HessThe Sexist column, the DC Theatre Collective has taken a clever approach to the crass business of self-promotion.  The group’s CapFringe entry this year is The Tea Party Project, so it seems wholly appropriate that they’ve stolen a page from the Dittohead playbook, picketing last Thursday’s Fringe preview with signs that could have used the ministrations of a copy editor before being set down in permanent marker.  The show promises “a fresh look at the movement that’s defining our political times”—the same sort of thing Dave Weigel will surely continue to do wherever he ends up next.

If you’ve run across what strikes you as a particularly inventive—or, what the hell, particularly objectionable—approach to Fringe-show promotion, let us know about in the comments.